Kelly Lambert

1st Vice-President

Patricia Agostini

2nd Vice-President

Roger Lara

3rd Vice-President

Pilar Castillo


Corresponding Secretary

Lili Warner

Recording Secretary

Marilse Rojas


Betsy Londono

PTA Goals

1) Enhancing the school experience by organizing fun and memorable events for the children.

2) Fundraising: Now that school budgets are suffering more and more cuts, we are striving to ensure that we have the resources to provide the necessary supplies, equipment and activities that our school budgets can no longer cover.

PTA Accomplishments (2014-2015)

With your generous contributions, the PTA was  able to support:

-Our Paraprofessionals

-Technology needs 

  • Visual Presenters (Document Cameras)
  • LCD Projectors
  • iPad carts
  • iTunes cards to purchase teacher Apps
  • Printers and Fax machine
  • Laptops for teachers

-Teacher Support

  • School Opening Welcome Materials
  • Academic Agendas for teachers
  • $190 to each teacher (90 teachers) for classroom materials
  • Field Day T-Shirts for all teachers and staff
  • Year-round Teacher Seminars
  • Principal’s Fund
  • Teacher Appreciation Week – lunch and gifts
  • FCAT rally snacks for teachers
  • Teacher and Volunteer ID badges
  • Career Day lunch

-Student Achievement & Education

  • Student of the Month: 8 monthly breakfast, t-shirts and certificates
  • Red Ribbon Day lunch
  • Wednesday Communicators for each student
  • Counselor Support (Elementary and Middle School Counselors)
  • Brainpop Software subscription
  • Partial cost of Academic Agendas (1gr. through 8gr.)
  • Students’ Financial Aid for fieldtrips or graduation events
  • Kindergarten’s 100th day of school celebrations
  • Peer Supporter, Volunteer Id’s
  • Butterfly Garden Project
  • Honor Assemblies Medals and Trophies
  • Safety Patrol Raincoats

-School Improvements

  • Memory Brick patio
  • Installation of artificial grass in the playground

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